Bits and pieces from various shows. Not necessarily Deleted, not necessarily Scenes. I just like the implications of that phrase.

This absolutely isn't Act I of The Revenger's Tragedy, OK?
And anyone who tells you that this is Act II of The Revenger's Tragedy is a liar and probably doesn't bathe regularly.

Other Stuff

V-FM Verona "immersion" material from the Two Gentlemen of Verona preshow and intermission.
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All V-FM station IDs in a single file.

The Law Offices of Bellario & Balthasar (LP)

Egret Insurance

Victory Cart Wreckers

Verona Apothecary

(Note: The weird reverb effect on the VO isn't intentional -- it happened by accident during the edit and was irreversible. There was no time to re-record so I just removed it as much as was possible. Oh well.)

All the intermission material -- the Gianni San Gianni VO, Shylock's Gold for Gold, and Don Jon Majors with the view from the V-FM Traffic Tree.